EN Fletværk Headband

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FLETVÆRK headband is knitted from one side to the other with a braid in the middle of the work. FLETVÆRK is knitted in the round in stockinette and is joined at the end with mattress stitches.

FLETVÆRK is designed in such a way that it’s always possible to knit a headband no matter what kind of yarn you have in your stash or the needle sizes it requires. In this pattern you will find instructions for the same headband knitted on 3 mm needles and up to 8 mm needles.


Yarn Weight: fingering (DK) worsted (chunky 1) chunky 2, (bulky)

Needle Sizes: 3 mm (4 mm) 5 mm (6 mm) 7 mm  (8 mm)

Suggested width: 10 cm

Suggested length: 50 cm

Gauge: 30 sts (24 sts) 21 sts (18 sts) 15 sts (12 sts) in 10 cm

Suggested needle sizes: 3 mm – 8 mm circular needles (80 cm – for magic loop)

Yarn: 1-2 balls of yarn for each headband – depends on needle size and type of yarn.

Extra: 2 stitch holders

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