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  • kr. 55.00

    Sommerstrop Light is knitted top down on needles 4 mm in Studio Linen – a soft and wonderful linen yarn which consists of 85% recycled linen (viscose) and 15% new premium linen. The straps are knitted first – each front piece separately before gathering and casting on stitches for the back. The straps are knitted as an I-cord – they can seem a little short while you knit, but after rinse and wear it will grow a little.

    Knit it in Studio Linen from Erika Knight, Morning Salutation from Kremke Soul Wool or Line from Sandnes Garn (affiliate links).

  • kr. 55.00

    Summerstrop is a feminin summer top with a bare back. It is knitted top down on needles 6 mm.

    You can knit Summerstrop in to strains of Studio Linen from Erika Knight, Morning Salutation from Kremke Soul Wool or Allino fra BC Garn (affiliate links).